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Texas Cold or Unsolved Cases

Welcome to the captivating realm of cold and unsolved cases in Texas. Beyond the vast landscapes and bustling cities, the Lone Star State holds a vault of mysteries that have yet to be unlocked. These unresolved cases, frozen in time, call upon both amateur investigators and seasoned detectives to peel back the layers of history.

From perplexing disappearances to unresolved crimes, Texas’s unsolved enigmas beckon us to sift through the evidence and uncover the truths that have remained hidden. Here is a list of cold or unsolved cases in the state of Texas (TX) that I’ve written about.

Barraza, Elizabeth “Liz”

Murdered on January 25, 2019 in Tomball, TX. A young woman was shot to death in her driveway and the whole incident was captured on a neighbor’s Ring doorbell camera. Despite this, the case remains unsolved.

Bevers, Terri “Missy”

Found murdered on April 18, 2016 in Midlothian, TX. A mother of three was set to teach her 5 AM fitness class in a local church. When the students arrived, they found her beaten and bloodied body. The case remains unsolved, despite having video footage of the perpetrator.

Colliflower, Michelle “Shelly” & Tijerina, Vincent Jr.

Murdered on March 25, 1983 in Weatherford, TX. A teenage couple was found shot to death near an abandoned school in Texas. Over 40 years later, the case remains unsolved.

Hagerman, Amber

Went missing on January 13, 1996 and was found murdered on January 17, 1996. 9-year-old Amber Hagerman was abducted and murdered in Arlington, TX. Her case remains unsolved, but her legacy lives on.

Texan Cities I’ve Written About

This section provides an alphabetically-sorted list of cities in Texas where the cases I’ve written about took place, along with the year in which the cases began.

Arlington, TX

Midlothian, TX

Tomball, TX

Weatherford, TX