Cold Case Explorations

Researching Cold and Unsolved Cases from the US and Beyond

International Cold or Unsolved Cases

While I predominantly focus on cold and unsolved cases from the United States, I’ve still covered a number of them from a variety of other countries. Here is an alphabetically-sorted list of international cold or unsolved cases that I’ve written about:


Barreau, Rhianna

Disappeared October 7, 1992 from Morphett Vale, South Australia. A 12-year-old went out to purchase a Christmas card for a pen pal, then she vanished. 30 years later, she’s never been seen again.


Bohun, Casey Rose

Disappeared August 6, 1989 from North Delta, British Columbia. A 3-year-old vanished from her North Delta home and has never been seen again. Over 30 years later, there are no answers.

Canada’s Severed Feet

Since 2007, 21 feet have been found washed ashore in the Pacific Northwest. Theories about why the feet washed ashore range from lost immigrants to aliens to a serial killer with a foot fetish. What’s the real story behind the washed-up feet?


Smith, Denisha Montgomery

Found dead on August 8, 2022 in Weisbaden, Germany. A 27-year-old mother of three died while on deployment in Germany. The Army was quick to call her death a suicide, but her family disagrees.

New Zealand

Kaiwai, Jamie

Missing since October 19, 2019 from Tolaga Bay in Eastland, NZ. A 27-year-old mother went missing near Tolaga Bay in New Zealand. Her car was found with bloodied clothes inside, but authorities treated the disappearance as a suicide from the start. Her family believes foul play was involved.

Papua New Guinea

Rockefeller, Michael

Missing since November 19, 1961 from the Asmat cultural region, Papua New Guinea. In 1961, Michael Rockefeller disappeared from a capsized canoe in Dutch New Guinea and was never seen again. Experts to this day debate what became of him.


Martínez, Juan Pedro

Missing since June 25, 1986 from Somosierra, Spain. Juan was on a road trip with his family when the tanker truck his father was driving overturned, killing both of his parents instantly. Juan’s body wasn’t at the crash site and he was never seen again.

United Kingdom

Entwistle, Daniel

Missing since May 3, 2003 from Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom. A 7-year-old was out playing in Great Yarmouth when he disappeared. His bike was found, he was not, and over 20 years later, there are still no answers.