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Minnesota Cold or Unsolved Cases

Welcome to the realm of unsolved cases in Minnesota, where intriguing mysteries become intertwined with the state’s history and diverse communities. Whether you find yourself in the heart of a city or a peaceful town, Minnesota has its own collection of stories that continue to baffle us. These enigmatic cases range from unexplained disappearances to perplexing events, inviting those with a curiosity about the past to delve in.

Despite the welcoming Midwestern vibe, lingering unanswered questions are waiting for curious individuals to uncover. Here is a list of cold or unsolved cases in the state of Minnesota (MN) that I’ve written about:

Guimond, Joshua

Missing since November 9, 2002 from Collegeville, MN. A well-liked college student left a poker party in November 2002 and was never seen or heard from again. Two decades later, there are still few answers.

McCabe, Henry

Went missing on September 6, 2015 and was found deceased November 2, 2015 in Mounds View, MN. Henry McCabe went out for a night of fun with friends, but he never returned home. Some horrifying voicemails were left from his cellphone to his family. Months later, his body was found, and many suspect foul play.

Swanson, Brandon

Missing since May 13, 2008 from Canby, MN. After attending a friend’s party, Brandon left to drive home and ended up in a ditch. His car was found, he was not, and he’s never been seen since.

Minnesotan Cities I’ve Written About

This section provides an alphabetically-sorted list of cities in Minnesota where the cases I’ve written about took place, along with the year in which the cases began.

Canby, MN

Collegeville, MN

Mounds View, MN