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Missouri Cold or Unsolved Cases

Welcome to the world of unsolved cases in Missouri, where captivating mysteries intertwine with the state’s history and diverse communities. Whether you’re exploring a bustling city or a tranquil town, Missouri holds a treasury of stories that continue to perplex us. These intriguing cases encompass everything from unexplained disappearances to puzzling events, extending an invitation to those curious about the past to delve in.

Despite the warmhearted Midwestern ambiance, unanswered questions linger, patiently awaiting the curiosity of individuals eager to unearth hidden truths. Here is a list of cold or unsolved cases in the state of Missouri (MO) that I’ve written about:

McCormick, Ricky

Found dead on June 30, 1999 near West Alton, MO. In 1999, a man was found dead in a cornfield. His murder went unsolved, and then 12 years later, authorities revealed that the man had several cryptic notes in his pockets with codes that still haven’t been cracked.

Perry, Branson

Missing since April 11, 2001 from Skidmore, MO. A 20-year-old went outside his home to put some jumper cables into his family’s shed. Then he was gone.

Missourian Cities I’ve Written About

This section provides an alphabetically-sorted list of cities in Missouri where the cases I’ve written about took place, along with the year in which the cases began.

Skidmore, MO

West Alton, MO