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Rhode Island Cold or Unsolved Cases

Welcome to the enigmatic realm of cold and unsolved cases in Rhode Island. Beyond the charming landscapes and historical charm, the state harbors a collection of mysteries that remain unsolved. These unresolved cases, frozen in time, beckon both amateur sleuths and seasoned investigators to delve into the past and unearth hidden truths.

From perplexing disappearances to unsolved crimes, Rhode Island’s enigmatic tales invite us to explore the corridors of history and piece together the puzzle that has perplexed us for years. Here is a list of cold or unsolved cases in the state of Rhode Island (RI) that I’ve written about:

Emery, Adam

Missing since November 10, 1993 from Newport, RI. After a road rage incident gone wrong, a man was convicted of murder. On the day he was convicted, he vanished, and hasn’t been seen since.

Rhode Island Cities I’ve Written About

This section provides an alphabetically-sorted list of cities in Rhode Island where the cases I’ve written about took place, along with the year in which the cases began.

Newport, RI