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Oklahoma Cold or Unsolved Cases

Welcome to the enigmatic world of cold and unsolved cases in Oklahoma. Beyond the sweeping prairies and vibrant cities, the state holds a cache of mysteries that remain unsolved. These puzzling cases, frozen in time, invite both amateur sleuths and seasoned investigators to peer into the past.

From perplexing disappearances to unresolved crimes, Oklahoma’s unsolved enigmas beckon us to uncover the hidden truths and piece together the fragments of these perplexing stories. Here is a list of cold or unsolved cases in the state of Oklahoma (OK) that I’ve written about.

Jamison Family

Missing since October 9, 2009 from Red Oak, OK and found deceased in 2013. A family went to go and view some property that they were thinking about purchasing, then disappeared. Their truck was later found, as were their remains years later, but questions still remain. Was this foul play, a tragic accident, or something else?

Oklahoman Cities I’ve Written About

This section provides an alphabetically-sorted list of cities in Oklahoma where the cases I’ve written about took place, along with the year in which the cases began.

Red Oak, OK